Analytical Techniques


Fluoreszenzphotometer (FFM3) for quality control.

Daylight suitable

Production speed 2 m/s

Measurement under production conditions

Measuring the fluorescence of liquids

Accuracy better than 1: = 0,2 ng/ml

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  • rapid test and measurement systems (range up to µs/ns)
  • Expands communication simple devices eg etc. by installing bus node for networking
  • real-time systems for time-sensitive applications
  • Multispectral analysis systems
  • Contrastdetection systems
  • Data management across a variety of interfaces and protocols (Ethernet, CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, USB, … and the protocols built upon)
  • Connecting to databases and enterprise networks for the planning, operation and evaluation
  • Networking with non-standard interfaces and protocols
  • PC-based process control systems
  • for critical time applications
  • Central Quality Management
  • Central Documentation
  • Automatic Product-dependent calibration of the components
  • Automatic plausibility checks and control of manual works