HPPS – Hydraulics Pneumatics Test System

PWMG2 Example Screen

As early as the piping of hydraulic or pneumatic systems, it is most useful to existing valves, joysticks or LEDs / lights for proper operation. Because the later the cost is tested more fall for subsequent debugging on.

In order to conduct these tests adequately suitable in our house developed testing and commissioning equipment for automotive components perfectly. By intuitive interface, the HPPS is perfect test for manually. Also finding the right operating parameters for electro-hydraulic components, thanks to the HPPS no longer a problem.

Configuration parameters such as voltages, currents, frequencies or PWMs can be determined in no time.

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While working with or on ECUcontrolled automotive systems almost always lack a diagnostic device even smaller error tests can be done determines the electrical operating parameters, controls or. Next the unit developed in-house is designed excellently for troubleshooting. The Intuitive operation facilitates thereby the handling of this unit immensely. In addition to manual operation is still a remote control function to disposal, this remote control function (CAN) also allows autmatisch running tests.

Advantages of HPPS:
  • Solenoid tests at various operating frequencies
  • method of hydraulic axes (2-way Dual Function)
  • Determination of currents
  • Determination of duty cycles
  • Incremental encoder simulation
  • automatically running tests using the remote control function
  • ease of transportation
  • Output voltage / current output
  • Large work area (6V36V ???)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Check the wiring
  • intuitive operation
  • Operating parameters determine / control