rapid created Embedded-Menussystems

The EMG is a tool to create and maintain multilingual menu system which generates C code and runs on all controllers and supports all display types. If you program also multilingual menu systems by hand or you have other complicated and time-consuming tools then the embedded menu generator is exactly what you looking for. The embedded menu generator bring the right functions for handling on texts, numbers and images thanks to the graphic designer.

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Sample project: Menu tree with 3 pages and 2 languages less than 1 hour

Creating and maintain embedded menusystems

Development and maintenance of multilingual display menu systems is often extremely time-consuming and thus cost-intensive, the embedded menu gererator (EMG) is a software tool that makes this work possible in a short period of time. The investment is worthwhile because, through the simple operation and the rapid creation of multi-lingual menu system make this product very cost-effective and customer friendly.

This tool is very customer-friendly by the simple positioning from the graphical objects in the previewscreen. The previewscreen corresponds to the screen area of the target platform. Alternatively it´s possibile in the corresponding configuration list define the position and size. Economical is this software tool through the very short processing times by to adding, modifying, or removing controls, or even entire pages. Another advantage from the embedded menu generator, the translation tables. Translation tables can already be actived in the designer, so you can see directly if a translation is too long for the textfield. Inherently provide the embedded menu generator full Unicode support, you have the advantage and can be used without major problems Russian, Chinese, Latin, Greek, or even many special characters.

Controller and Display

The embedded Menu Generator can be used for any microcontroller (µC). Whether you are using 8bit, 16bit or 32bit microcontroller, the embedded menu generator is just the thing for you, because it generates C code and does not require additional hardware. The embedded menu generator generates code for display regardless of its resolution and color depth.

Supported diplay colors; 1 bit (monochrome), 8 bit (greyscale), 8 bit (3/3/2), 12 bit (4/4/4), 15 bit (5/5/5), 16 bit (5/6 / 5), 24 bit (RGB) and 32 bit (ARGB). Our tool should fit for many as possibile displays so we designed it that you can easily adjust the resolution you want and start work on your project. Resolutions of 32×128, 64×128, 128×128 without any problems. However, higher resolutions like 256×256, 640×480, 800×600 and more depending on the available memory and its transferring interface possibile. Of course, resolutions like 20×400, 10×35, 55×80, 20×60, 13×74 or other resolutions very special you are using are supported.


The generated C code is easily integrated into your C compiler, and then compiled with the associated library. And after the transfer of the code to the target hardware the menu system was on the microcontroller. Also worth mentioning is that the generated code already optimized automatically (eg multiple occurrences of the same strings will be only one string) and compressed (unneeded characters in a font are not generated). This memory friendly function reduce your memory usage when you want to use more and more pictures in a menusystem and your nerves when you convert pictures to C code. Even if times should not be enough memory on the controller you can use the generated code as an alternative to outsource as .hex or .bin still on a low-cost serial flash memory in your application.


The embedded menu generator works with all graphic displays, regardless of resolution and color depth. And the best thing is if you want to use transparency effects can be used even without the problems directly from the project start. Also an important issue which has to be discussed again in the context of displays is the control of the menu system. The control of the menu system can be processed both via touch or via keyboard.

Your benefits when use the EMG:

  • requires no additional hardware
  • graphic interior design
  • generates C code
  • optimization and compressed code
  • alternative generating .hex or .bin files
  • Resolution Independent
  • Color depth 1 to 32 Bi
  • Multilingual, full Unicode Language Support
  • transparency effects
  • for keyboard and touch inputs
  • variables interface
  • Language switching in the designer, as well as during operation
  • Use of the fonts contained in Windows
  • exclusive (single) use of the generated menu system
  • parallel (simultaneous) use of the generated menu system
  • partial (test, labels, images) use from generated the menu system
  • includes free translator license (in the designer, direct display of translations)
  • includes free Designer License (direct display of positioned elements, backgrounds, )

Application areas

  • each display for visualizations with or without entries
  • visualizations for heating controls
  • visualizations for Smart Homes panels
  • displays in portable measuring devices
  • to develop demonstration sites for your customers

YouTube Channel des EMG – embedded menu generator