manual and remote controlled testsystem

DSC01980s - Kopie

Universally Configurable

Universally applicable

Cost Performance Optimized

Scalable and release Configurable test systems, making it ideal for you to develop or test an automotive application.

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  • Voltage output
  • Current output
  • Resistance simulation
  • Open Load
  • High-side switch
  • Low-side switch
  • High-side frequencies
  • Low-side frequencies
  • High-side dutycycle
  • Low-side dutycycle
  • Bosch-ABS

kombined functions (two logically linked channels):

  • all High-side switch und Low-side switch kombinations
  • Follow Half Voltage
  • Crossover Voltage
  • Follow Half Current
  • Crossover Current
  • High-side encoder simulation
  • Low-side encoder simulation
  • Voltage encoder simulation