Bus – Systems

We are not only looking back at more than 15 years of experience in the development of safety-critical systems in the field bus – systems, but fly with our customers into the future, also. We support a variety of projects throughout the development process and are able to fill essential roles in the project ranging from implementation to project management.


Continuous development of hard – and software ensures that all our products are always up to date. The confidence of our clientele is a confirmation that our approach is the right one.
For your customer requirements, we have the best / most common communication solutions on hand.

Whether data exchange between controller and PC or PC and PLC or PLCs and controllers, such as Can, I²C, LIN, and all other bus systems.

Bus – systems enable a flexible processing of sensor and Aktuatorinformation and from this generates the required electrical signals for controlling the valves / actuators. The wiring effort is reduced to a bus cable and a supply line.

Bus systems are also increasingly used in building automation e.g. the European Installation Bus (EIB). Using the bus system, the control of lighting, window and door monitoring, heating, air conditioners and other equipment of a building is possible. The installation of a bus system should be considered, if possible, already while planning building, as the system, especially the necessary cables and wires, use up space. Retrofitting could be associated with significant structural measures.

Advantages of the bus system:

  • Increased system reliability
  • Reducing the wiring costs by a simple wiring harness
  • Operational Convenience
  • The software can be easily and optimally adapted to the configuration of the machine.
  • Diagnostic programs
  • Easy replacement of components by modular construction


Target applications include, for example, Municipal vehicles, harvest, – forestry, – and equipment and Hubwerksregelungen and boom controls. In these applications, positions and speeds (linear, rotary) of hydraulic actuators controlled and / or regulated.

With the above advantages may be an optimal solution for your application-specific tasks bus system. This allows your system to be adapted to the respective requirements and remain flexible and technically up to date.